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Your Source for Middle-Eastern Musical Arts in Atlanta  
Atlanta offers a variety of talented artists who perform at venues around town and are available for your private events. If you are an artist or know of an artist who would like to be highlighted on this page, please send an e-mail to Deric.

Your support for our artists is the lifeblood of this community! Go see them! Hire them for your events!

Amani Jabril
You can see Amani on her instructional video "Serpentine and Sizzling Taqsim" and in her debut performance video, "Ya Amani" which includes live, impromtu performances of orientale and folklore. When in Atlanta, you can see Amani perform at Taverna Plaka and Darvish. Nominated for Zaghareet Magazine's Favorite Orientale Dancer of 2004.

Andrea "Azima" Moreira
One of Atlanta's best-known performers, Andrea can be seen in many venues like Plaka and Tutu Tango, and is an accomplished instructor, as well.

A fiery and popular performer of gypsy and healing dance.

Aziza Nawal
Aziza Nawal was the winner of Middle Eastern Dance in North America Competition 2002 and has been featured in national publications and television shows.

Dance of the Fates
Dance of the Fates is an ecclectic troupe consisting of three of Atlanta's premier dancers, Oracle, Fatina, and Liora. They can be seen in many venues around the city and regularly at the Red Light Cafe shows.

Danny Stern
One of Atlanta's preeminent drummers and co-founder of Atlanta Oasis, Danny grew up fascinated with every instrument he could put his hands on and fell in love with rhythm. His Brazilian roots and studies with Sufi master, Adnan Sarhan, have influenced the energy and spiritualism he puts into his play. Danny can be seen in many venues around town.

DJ Mansour
DJ Mansour is one of Atlanta's most popular and skilled spinners. He has lead parties in hopping Atlanta venues, including Club Europe, the Crescent Room, Basil's, Byblos, Club illusion, and for many private parties.

Eric Peterson
Atlanta's preeminent performer and instructor of Middle Eastern and North African percussion in Atlanta for the last 10 years.

Flowers of the Orient Dance Company
All star dance troupe that performs examples of a variety of dances from the Arab regions - complete with exotic music, lavish costumes, makeup, and well-rehearsed dancers who perform with consummate professionalism. Performances included stage and restaurant shows in the Atlanta area.

Gina elevates this beautiful and ancient dance art through education and performance.

Oracle is a member of the “Flowers of the Orient” Dance Company run by Zuhra, and performs in many stage shows and haflas in the Atlanta area.

Extensive study of dance, with top innovators of the field in New York, has given Sarai a rich sense of movement and vast opportunities for dynamic expression. Her energetic, erotic, and sensitive performances do much to advance the art of bellydance in Atlanta.

Saroya currently offers classes in all levels of dance experience and covers many topics, including Turkish, Persian, Tunisian, and Egyptian styles; props including veil, cane, and zills; and performance embellishments such as stage presence and improvisation.

Zuhra possesses a myriad of talents - dancer, choreographer, instructor, costume designer and event coordinator. She the founder of Atlanta Danse Orientale Society and artistic director for the Flowers of the Orient Dance Company.


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