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Danny Stern

Danny Stern was born with an ear for music. At the early age of three, he found that his favorite place was underneath the piano, where he could listen to his father play. He grew up fascinated with every instrument he could put his hands on and fell in love with rhythm. His life has since become an endless search for new sounds and rhythms.

He has spent time in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, studying deep Nyabinghi rhythms with the Rastas. He has also lived in Bahia, Brazil and studied the rhythms for Carnival, Capoeira dance, and sacred Candomble spiritual music. His time in Brazil and his introduction in 1990 to a world-renowned drummer and Sufi master, Adnan Sarhan, influenced his growing interest in the ability to use music and rhythm to heal. He has since put extensive time and energy into learning the spiritual music of Iran, Morocco, Turkey, Iraq, Algeria, Armenia, Egypt, and other parts of the Middle East.

Known predominantly as a percussionist, Danny is also co-owner of Acoustech Music in Atlanta, Georgia. This multi-studio complex is where he and his business partner compose and produce music for radio and television. Together, they have numerous awards to their credit. When they are not off in the Bahamas to produce a Coca-Cola commercial or busy running their business, Danny can be found performing in and around Atlanta. His current schedule includes performing at spontaneous events, such as Middle Eastern drumming with a belly dancer (he has been a big influence in the ever-growing community of belly dancers in Atlanta). On Tuesday nights, you can see him performing at a Spanish tapas restaurant with a well-known Spanish flamenco guitarist, with whom he also performs at many private events. Every so often, he teaches a Meditative Movement workshop, which is something you definitely don’t want to miss. At these workshops, you can experience the spiritual and healing powers he’s found in rhythm for yourself. No matter where or what you hear Danny play, you’ll appreciate his dedication and diversity. His enthusiasm for sound and the possibilities it creates is sure to take everyone on a journey they’ll never forget.

Danny has practiced spiritual studies for the last 21 years under Sufi master Adnan Sarhan. Adnan is a member of five Sufi orders and is founder and director of the Sufi Foundation of America, based in the Manzano Mountains near Torreon, New Mexico. He was first sponsored in the US by the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York, the Unitarian Society of Whittier in California, and the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. R.J. “Josh” Reynolds III was both a student and major patron who helped support the Foundation in its efforts to fight destructive habits, such as smoking.

Danny is very involved in giving and teaching what he has learned. He often leads classes and workshops in the Sufi traditions. By using various Sufi techniques and traditions of meditative sciences, physical exercise, mystical dance, and music, Danny will guide students to help develop their higher intelligence and awareness, leading people to become creative and innovative and also helping to destroy all types of bad habits which inhibit people’s ability to live full and happy lives.

You can contact Danny via e-mail at

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