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DJ Mansour

Dear Friends,

Here are a few words about myself. I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia since I left my beloved country Iran in 1987. I have also lived in San Francisco and Miami, but have decided to settle in Atlanta. DJ’ing is a hobby of mine through which I combine my love of Middle Eastern dance culture with European Dance, Trance, and Breakbeat to create a new sound for Iranian dance parties that is both modern and traditional at the same time. My favorite music is Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Afghani, Spanish and Euro dance with an international flavor. I incorporate all of these styles into my mixes and maybe even add a bit of Indian Bhangra as well. I have found that people love the innovative combinations of many different dance genres as it adds a unique edge to parties, weddings and club theme nights. You can download sound files of my work from this website. Make sure you tell me what you think. I am available to DJ at most events and I am willing to travel if my schedule permits it (I have a day job that I love). I supply all of the equipment that I need to make your party a success and I take up minimal space since I use my PC and all necessary software to mix MP3’s in a seamless fashion. I also supply a booming sound system and smoke machine and lighting if you require it. As for more personal details, I love Iranian classical music and I am a film buff, but tend to focus on more eclectic and art house styles of film. That’s it about me, hopefully I will be able to meet you soon!!!

Ghorban-e Shoma,


You can learn more about DJ Mansour by visiting his Web site

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