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Oracle began dancing in the San Francisco Bay Area where she studied Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, and Theater. She later joined the Art Department at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and became Dance Captain for UAF’s Theater Department. Oracle performed many solo dances and won the title of “Best Solo Performer” before taking leave to pursue her career in the Arts & Sciences.

After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Oracle rekindled her love for dance by studying the art of Middle Eastern Dance. “Belly dancing has given me the opportunity to express myself, my femininity, in more ways than I could ever imagine,” she says. Oracle’s most valuable distinction is her ability to communicate a special connection and commitment to this beautiful art form through her movement and stage presence.

Oracle is the director of "Dance of the Fates", a theatrical troupe with a tribal flair. She is also a member of the “Flowers of the Orient” Dance Company run by Zuhra, sponsor for Atlanta Danse Oriental Society. Oracle is the premiere dancer at Kalamata Greek Restaurant and performs in many stage shows and haflas in the Atlanta area. Her individual choreographic style is considered to by dynamic, sensual, and emotional.

You can learn more about Oracle at her Web site and may contact Oracle via e-mail at

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