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Extensive study of dance, with top innovators of the field in New York, has given Sarai a rich sense of movement and vast opportunities for dynamic expression. Her energetic, erotic, and sensitive performances do much to advance the art of bellydance in Atlanta.

For the past eight years Sarai has directed large scale shows that have been extremely popular with audiences. Hire Sarai as a solo performer or with complete professional shows with dancers working with fire, swords, and more.

Sarai currently teaches and performs bellydance and gives presentations on the dance. She also teaches finger cymbals, drumming, music composition, and movement, to elementary through junior high aged students at The Atlanta School. The Center for the Visually Impaired in Atlanta hired Sarai to teach finger cymbals and puppetry to blind children. Absorption in zil work led to the evolution of "Anoesis," a bell ceremony created by Sarai in an effort to share the transformative qualities of bells.

Sarai is also a puppeteer who writes, builds, and performs shows for both adults and children, and a core member of Hungry Flower, Atlanta's only indigineous gamelan (using non-traditional instruments to attain traditional sound).

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You can learn more about Sarai at her web site and can contact Sarai via e-mail at

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