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A lifelong dancer, Saroya has been devoted to the art of Middle Eastern dance since 1980. She is fascinated by the wide variety of dance styles and ethnicities encompassed within the dance form. Saroya currently offers classes in all levels of dance experience and covers many topics, including Turkish, Persian, Tunisian, and Egyptian styles; props including veil, cane, and zills; and performance embellishments such as stage presence and improvisation.

An accomplished choreographer, Saroya is especially known for her group routines and interesting floor patterns. Saroya has performed as a soloist for many years, in restaurants, for private functions, at festivals, and at numerous seminar and workshop showcases. Here in Atlanta, she can be seen at Byblos, the Mediterranean Room, and other local venues. Her goal in performance, both for herself and in the group choreographies she creates for her students, is to present something both challenging to the performer and enjoyable for the audience.

You can learn more about Saroya at her Web site and may contact her via e-mail at

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