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Zuhra has dedicated herself to presenting oriental dance as a living art form, to bringing the rich heritage of the Middle East and North Africa to the theater stage, and to providing education about the dance in its authentic form for dance students and the general public. She possesses a myriad of talents - dancer, choreographer, instructor, costume designer and event coordinator. Zuhra, originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, is the founder of Atlanta Danse Orientale Society and artistic director of the Flowers of the Orient Dance Company.

Zuhra studies with the most talented and acclaimed American and Egyptian artists to learn the latest trends and movements to expand her repertoire and pass on to her students. In addition, Zuhra has derived inspiration and knowledge from researching the film history of oriental dance which has made a profound impression on Zuhra's stage presence, music interpretation, and ability to choreograph oriental dance. The result is a personal interpretation of the dance that is innovative, elegant, and strong.

Zuhra founded the Atlanta Danse Orientale Society (A.D.O.S.) in 1997. She undertook a quest to sponsor the highest caliber performers/instructors in order to enhance the overall image and experience of the dance community in Atlanta and the Southeast. Prior to the formation of A.D.O.S., her profession consisted of organizing large corporate events in addition to eight years of experience in film production. This lead to her success in sponsoring exciting seminars; galas shows and producing professional quality videos for documentation of dancers' performances. While she is the director of A.D.O.S., Zuhra receives assistance from Aziza Nawal of Atlanta who serves as co-sponsor. Together they work hard to make A.D.O.S. the premier sponsor of workshop events in Atlanta and the Southeast.

You can learn more about Zuhra at her Web site and may contact Zuhra via e-mail at

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