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Instructional Items for Drumming

Souhail Kaspar's DVD for Tabla and Riqq
Souhail Kaspar's Fundamentals of Arabic Rhythm is the first DVD to show traditional styles for playing the tabla and riqq. This DVD focuses on building strong technique, endurance and precise timing skills. It should be in the library of any serious student and will be an invaluable learning tool.

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Souhail Kaspar's Rhythm CD - Coming January 2005!
Souhail Kaspar's Rhythm CD covers 14 rhythms played by Souhail on multiple instruments. The rhythms are presented in a style that is ideal for dancers and drummers to learn by dancing and playing along to the tracks.

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Sabla Tolo
Hossam Ramzy's Sabla Tolo volumes are indispensible possessions for any drumming student. Whether you're a beginner trying to pick up patterns and phrases or a professional willing to be amazed, Sabla Tolo I and II will be some of the wisest purchases you will ever make.

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Rak Sharki
Jalilah's Journey of the Gypsy Dancer (Rak Sharki 3) contains 12 mesmerizing tracks of belly dance music, incorporating beautiful rhythms and drum solos. This album is a treasure for both drummers and dancers alike. Pick up Rak Sharki 4 for an instructional review of the rhythms used in the Journey album. The review contains a clean cut of each rhythm by itself, followed by an excerpt of music using the rhythm.

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Uncle Mafufo
The instructional recordings of Armando Mafufo (a.k.a. Uncle Mafufo) are priceless to the student who is new to mid-eastern drumming. His 25 Essential Rhythms CD provides students with a solid foundation in the core rhythms comprising the art. For further instruction on technique, pick a copy of Mafufo's Basic Rhythms DVD or tape. And if you are the ambitious type who enjoys multiple instruments, his beginner's guide to riqs and defs will give you a solid head start.

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