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Atlanta Oasis wants budding artists to have easy access to the resources needed to develop skills. We've asked local instructors to recommend valuable materials that have helped them advance their own skills as well as those of their students. These materials include instructional tapes and videos, music, equipment and even the instructors themselves!

Please follow the links from this Web site when purchasing materials. In many cases, Atlanta Oasis earns a fee for the references... fees which go into the pool of funds used to support this community!

Instructors - Music
Instructional Items - Drum
Instructional Items - Oud/Bazuki
Instructors - Dance
Instructional Items - Dance

Percussion instruments of the Middle East and North Africa (by Eric Peterson)
Traditional or Modern "All-fingers-style" Techniques for Tabla (by Eric Peterson)
An Interview with Karim Nagi of Turbo Tabla (by Deric Cadora)
How to Care for Your Tabla (by Deric Cadora)

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